Jan 15, 2015

CSH Informational Forum Event

The Informational Forum Event for the Calabar Specialist Hospital was held yesterday (15 January 2015). Included in the number of those in attendance were members of the Calabar and Cross River State medical provider community, the Calabar and Cross River State medical education community, government officials from the state (CRSG) and local government, a number of the royal fathers from Calabar and surrounding areas, and members of the physician and nursing communities of Calabar. Local TV and newspaper media covered the event.


Presenters included:

  • Dr. Angela Oyo-Ita, Commissioner of Health, CRSG
  • Mrs. Rosemary Onah, Esq., Special Assistant to the Governor of CRSG
  • Dr. Etim Ayi, Calabar based Plastic Surgeon and PPP Medical Liaison for the Governor of CRSG
  • Dr. Olumide Okunola, Senior Healthcare Specialist with International Finance Corporation of the World Bank
  • Dr. John Adesioye, CEO Utopian Consulting International
  • Mr. Femi Ehindero, COO Utopian Consulting International
  • Mr. James Cohick, CEO Calabar Specialist Hospital and CURE Management Services Executive
  • Dr. Rick Manning, General Surgeon and CURE Management Services Medical Advisory Board member
  • Mrs. Uche Ugoji, Senior Associate, Aluko & Oyebode
  • Dr. Francis Ntamu, Director Generatl, Bureau of PPP, CRSG
  • Mr. Ngu Morcho, West Africa Director, GE Healthcare


Various aspects of the hospital were discussed, including the origination and composition of the PPP (public private partnership) agreement for the hospital, how this hospital intends to collaboratively partner with others in the healthcare provider and medical education communities, who will comprise the team working at the hospital, the anticipated medical and surgical services to be provided, the targeted timeline for the first operational phase, and other pertinent matters.


In her remarks, Dr. Angela Oyo-Ita, CRSG Commissioner of Health, commended CSH for its stated collaborative partnerships approach with members of the healthcare communities (both private and public), noting that this intention will result in heightened generalized capacity for better healthcare within the region, ultimately benefit all members of the public.

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