Foundation for Advancement of Medical Treatment Education and Research (FAMTER)

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Foundation For Advancement of Medical Treatment, Education and Research (FAMTER)

Our Mission

(FAMTER) was started as a call to responsibility. In a world where some have a choice of where to go for medical care and whom to chose as a care provider some in developing and emerging countries simply do not have access to care. 

Nearly 10 million children under 5 years of age die from diseases and over 500,000 women die in childbirth annually. While Infectious Diseases such as Tuberculosis (TB) and HIV have been met with significant progress in research and treatment in countries with advances medical care they still threaten the lives and well being of millions of people mostly in developing nations. The majority of people in these communities that require our assistance survive on less than $2 a day.

As our group of health care professionals look to provide access to quality healthcare, improve medical outcomes and the well being of communities in these emerging countries we meet with a dearth of investment to this cause. This is due to the poor return on investments and long-term nature of such financial commitments. Our journey however revealed the willingness of well-meaning, kind-hearted individuals and socially conscious organizations to contribute to our goals as outlined in what we do.

Maternal and Child Health

Development of programs to teach caregivers on proper prenatal care

Development of programs to keep infants and children healthy

Local and regional education on access to primary care for mothers and caregivers and appropriate connections for referral to higher levels of care

Capacity building for caregivers and health care workers to ensure high quality care at all levels from community health to tertiary care.

Networking with other organizations to assist with economic platforms for the health and wellbeing of vulnerable women and children.

Disease Prevention

Work with infectious disease professionals to implement infectious disease programs directed at the needs of the communities we work in.

Provide education and workshops on vaccinations and infectious disease prevention

Help in strengthening the ability of these communities to provide quality diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases.

Educate and train health care workers and communities as a whole in the prevention, diagnosis and management of non-communicable diseases such as malnutrition, obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Health System Developments

Assist organizations in the development of high quality health care to people in economically disadvantaged communities.

Provide technical assistance and access to local content owners for overseas-based healthcare personnel and organizations planning facilities to improve access to medical treatment.

Leverage governmental organizations to partner with private investors in identifying needs and implement solutions from diagnostics to treatment facilities

Provide access to top-level healthcare personnel willing to volunteer services to train local healthcare personnel

Seek donations of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and other resources to cater for need in our communities

Medical Missions

Network with medical and faith-based organizations to volunteer time and resources to people and communities who need it. These groups provide volunteer doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other essential healthcare workers who on a short-term basis provide medical and surgical services, train and educate local providers, help to rehabilitate health facilities, and provide essential medical supplies.

IT implementations, Strategic Visions and Planning

Our company organizes and facilitates an objective process that will lead decision makers to a clear vision of a future direction, define goals, and offer strategies to achieve those goals. We also create the mechanisms for ongoing updates and evaluations and we offer organizational strategic assessment reports

Project Management, Budget and Financial Planning

We Provide strategic project management for projects which require an elevated level of project management expertise, advanced diagnostic tools and a higher degree of focus than what organizations can typically provide internally to meet budgetary and financial objectives.


We seek contributions from well-meaning, kind-hearted individuals and socially conscious organizations to assist in supporting the goals of FAMTER. As an organization we are committed to our funders and advocates to use our resources to develop and improve healthcare in communities that require our services.

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