Utopian Healthcare Services is an international healthcare consulting firm whose focus is to provide comprehensive, world-class solutions to the needs of international healthcare providers.

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The organization was birthed by the need to provide best practice implementation and clinical standards to the growing need of healthcare platform development in emerging countries, particularly in West Africa.

Utopian Healthcare Services Limited, a subsidiary of Utopian Consulting LLC, led by Dr. John Adesioye, is comprised of US based Nigerian healthcare consultants with specific business strategies focused on green and brown field healthcare platform development for best practice and sustainable clinical delivery. Utopian consulting is the lead member of the consortium and concessionaire for the development of the $40 Million Calabar Specialist Hospital, an IFC transacted PPP project sponsored by the Cross River State government and is currently developing the $22M Lagos Ambulatory Care Center, a new and required strategy of clinical and resource integration.

Utopian Healthcare’s core competency lies in its vast experience managing projects and hospitals in multiple locations throughout the world where solutions must be tailored to fit the specific needs and available resources of each country. Utopian also provides capabilities that range from initial strategic analysis of a project to construction, staffing, outfitting and sourcing management of the facility. Utopian delivers services in two primary areas: hospital design, construction management and commissioning and general health care consultative services.

Facility Development

With the in-depth knowledge of all the markets that we operate in, vast clinical and operational experience and continuing research we provide excellent architectural plan assistance after identifying the perfect site or configuring the ergonomics of your desired site. We help design your facility or review your plans to ensure it will provide optimal access for staff and patients while fostering the best experience for all.

We can redesign your existing facility as well to contribute to your optimum workflow and ascertain it compares favorably with and in most cases exceeds industry benchmarks. We are especially experienced in developing revenue-driving Surgical Centers, Acute Care Centers and Emergency Facilities in both developed and developing countries.

We can also develop Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Centers which tremendously supports patient care with great satisfaction in a way that ensures timely and efficient use of capital equipment and staffing resources.

Service Line Development

Our consultants have developed and/or contributed to the growth, efficiency and profitability of service lines in their individual specialties for many years. Their ultimate aim is to achieve rapid results for your new or existing department, from enhanced patient and employee satisfaction, improved internal processes including appropriate organizational structuring of the operations and leadership of the department.

They review any service concerns and market compensation factors as well as identifying issues that may be hindrances to efficiency within your existing department or a new department within your institution. Many of our consultants are experts in this area and have assisted numerous hospitals in achieving lasting improvements in throughput, efficiency as well as patient and physician satisfaction.

Some of the service lines we can provide strategic and business plans for include general and family medicine, cardiovascular, digestive disease, neuroscience and psychiatry services, orthopedic/musculoskeletal diseases, pediatric/children’s and women’s care, and surgical (with sub-specialty) programs and facilities.

Interim Directorship (Clinical and Nonclinical)

Leadership experience has demonstrated to us that vacancy in a key position in an organization presents unique challenges. It can provide a void that can lead to frustration across the length and breadth of your organization. There is lack of accountability that can threaten existing momentum in your operations.

The absence of leadership can cause deficiencies in other parts of your process by requiring transfer of responsibility to other personnel with prevailing duties that may then suffer. We have an approach that bridges that vital gap that fulfils the needs of our clients. We customize our approach to your individual needs. Our experts draw from excellent data by our analysts to identify requirements vital to optimizing your operations.

We focus on realizing your set goals and develop strategic plans geared towards performance improvement. Our Directors are critical thinking and creative in their approach to your needs.

They have extensive knowledge and expertise of the entire healthcare system to include operational, strategic and financial planning based on your specific market. They help you develop a long-term goal and drive the execution to ascertain success in achieving the desired vision. We can place directors on a full-time or part-time basis depending on your needs.

Materials Management

Efficient supply chain is a multi-dimensional investment for hospitals. Expenses associated with materials management can be up to 30% of your entire organization’s expenditure. Ability to appropriately manage the inventory, purchase ordering, and many other aspects of supply chain management can be critical to the financial well-being and accountability of any healthcare organization.

Supply acquisition costs is always a significant quota of a facility's budget, product receiving, maintenance and disposal costs all contribute heavily to spending. Our consultants are very proactive and have involved themselves in Materials and Supply Chain Management in North America, Europe as well as East and West Africa.

We customize our approach to your requirements, from identifying your needs to planning, addressing, resolving and improving every step of setting up and optimizing an efficient and rewarding supply chain for your organization.

Training and Education

We can provide highly qualified medical personnel and accomplished speakers to train and educate on any aspect of all specialties of medicine or plan Conferences or Seminars to suit your needs.

Our experts include public health and health promotion personnel who routinely deliver required training and education across the USA, Europe and Africa. In addition to improved productivity, health promotion programs have proven to be an effective tool in slowing the growth of health care costs. Health and wellness including products and services related to this is a booming global industry, and we have consultants who can educate on nutrition and lifestyle, how to avoid stress on the job, and how to be healthy and avoid disease across all economic socio-economic circumstances.

Medical cost savings from corporate wellness programs may be less evident than productivity gains, but studies show that medically high-risk employees are medically high-cost employees as they use more health care and generate higher claim costs. It is often cheaper to pay for the prevention of illness than to pay at times exorbitant costs for treatment. Our experts can help your staff to adopt proactive and preventative approaches to health that support optimum levels of physical, emotional and social functioning.

We can design health-related programs for your organization and organize workshops, seminars or lectures focusing on the most pressing health issues today – including awareness of risks and preventative measures to address cancer, cardiovascular health, obesity, nutrition, diabetes, to name just a few of the potential health threats.

Fund Raising

Through a detailed and extensive knowledge of the portfolios of our clients, we design and execute tailored solutions for the clients capital needs: capital raising, alignment of debt, equity, and project finance sources of capital.

Equipment Planning

We offer innovative medical equipment planning solutions that incorporate cultural awareness with economic and environmental responsibility. Our interdisciplinary teams work collaboratively with our clients on each phase of a project from concept to operation. Using our proprietary in-house software application we ensure integrated drawings that integrate function with space, medical equipment, furniture and electro-mechanical requirements which comply with local in-country equipment and technical requirements.

Collaboratively with our clients we plan and design optimal environments for care providers and patients.