Hospital Operations and Outsourcing

The core competency of Utopian Healthcare Consulting’s partner lies in its vast experience managing projects and hospitals in multiple locations throughout the world where solutions must be tailored to fit the specific needs and available resources of each country.

Utopian Healthcare Consulting’s partner also provides capabilities that range from initial strategic analysis of a project to construction, staffing, outfitting and management of the facility. Utopian Consulting’s partner delivers services in three primary areas:

  • Hospital Design and Commissioning
    Utopian Consulting’s partner has designed, built and operated facilities in over 14 countries.

  • Hospital Management Services
    The hospital management services offered by Utopian Consulting’s partner are provided at two levels; senior executive and day-to-day management.

  • General Health Care Consultative Services
    Utopian Consulting’s partner offers its cadre of services to both private and government entities requiring a multi-year engagement and to achieve discrete objectives.